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Britannia Little Hearts Biscuit CLICK TO ENLARGE

Britannia Little Hearts Biscuit

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Rs 20.00


Britannia Little Hearts Biscuit actually wins the heart and fills the stomach. The heart shaped biscuits are the heart stolen one that brings flavor to our tongue as well. Though a small bite is enough to get delighted but unless and until we finish the entire pouch, we don't feel like stopping munching, since it is so irresistible. Its an absolutely unique product by Britannia to hit the heart of every aged people. Little Hearts gives you the best company specially when you are on travel, watching movies, occupied by your friends and families or enjoying your snacks time. In fact it is perfectly meant for matching all the circumstances. Britannia is one of the top leading brands that offers product with finest quality. It also has a wide range of goods or stuffs to satisfy the consumer's needs including Britannia Pure

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