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Miller Canola Oil 5 ltr Can + 2 ltr Free CLICK TO ENLARGE

Miller Canola Oil 5 ltr Can + 2 ltr Free

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Miller presents the finest quality of canola oil from the farms of canda. The balance of Omega 3:6 and mono-unsaturated fatty acids is perfect for all cusines for all cuisines - including indian & western. Miller can ve used for frying, roasting, grilling, sauteing and also as salad as salad dressing and sandwich spread.

0% Cholesterol : Best in class technology ensures zero % cholesterol to keep you healthy.

Low Absorption Technology : Up to 20% less oil absorption by food lowers fat intakes.

Vitamin E : Strengthens immunity & improves skin tone.

Mufa : Enriches body with goods fat & lowers the effects of bads cholesterol.

Best Ratio of Omega 3:6 : Helps to improve nutritional value in modern diet & lowers risk of chronic diseases.

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