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Hitkary Sharbat E Fida CLICK TO ENLARGE

Hitkary Sharbat E Fida

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HITKARY SHARBAT-E-FIDA, one of the premium flavours among the league , is a fine blend of nature's best summer coolers .

A unique & traditional formulation comprises of purest forms of arqs of kewra , kashni , anjbar, shankh pushpi, brahmi , khus etc. and glittering pure silver leaves are not to be missed.

The concentrate can be used to create & enjoy a variety of drinks & desserts.

Mix one part of HITKARY MASHROOB-E-FIDA concentrate in three parts of iced water / milk

Top it undiluted on your favourite desserts , such as kheer, kulfi, jalebi , shahi tukda , rabri etc. to enhance the taste.

Can also be enjoyed with club soda & drops of lemon juice.

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